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Experience one of the few true Mixed Martial Arts programs for adults in Frisco where you will be uniquely challenged both physically and mentally!
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MMA Training at Its Best

Mixed Martial Arts Training for Adults in Frisco, TX!

Our adult training track at Campuzano brings you the best of Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Self-Defense. Join like-minded adult students who want to be challenged, learn new skills and up their fitness levels. You will be stronger, more flexible and confident. We will challenge you, but you will be glad we did.
Our Adult Students Get an Epic Workout at Campuzano Martial Arts in Frisco

Physical Fitness

Kick your fitness into high gear at Campuzano MMA. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to push your limits, Campuzano Mixed Martial Arts programs for adults will help to sculpt your body and redefine your fitness game. Conquer your fitness goals while learning new skills and having fun!
Our Adult Students Build Mental Strength at Campuzano Martial Arts in Frisco

Mental Strength

Craving a mental toughness upgrade? Whether you're a novice or aiming to fortify your mindset, Campuzano MMA delivers hardcore training that'll sharpen your mental edge. Embrace the challenge, push your limits, and cultivate unbreakable mental resilience with us.
Our Adult Students Learn Self-Defense at Campuzano Martial Arts in Frisco

Self Defense

Ready to boost your self-confidence and sharpen your self-defense skills? Whether you're starting your journey or honing your abilities, Campuzano MMA empowers you with cutting-edge training. Unleash your inner warrior, gain self-assurance, and learn practical self-defense techniques that make you unstoppable.
Try a Free Adult Class!
What is it Like to Train at Campuzano MMA?
Due to our true Mixed Martial Arts philosophy, our classes are varied and will keep you engaged. You will be learning new techniques while perfecting previously learned techniques. From kicks and punches to take-downs and holds, whether you are working alone on the bag or practicing with a teammate, we think you are going to love it!