At Campuzano Martial Arts in Frisco, our unique multi-aged approach helps kids safely learn the fundamentals of multiple disciplines, fostering confidence, resilience, and respect. But most importantly, they will have FUN!
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Why Do Kids & Parents Love Campuzano?
Our Frisco based kids' training track at Campuzano Martial Arts introduces children to the world of Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling, as well as discipline, self-respect, confidence and teamwork. Join us to help your child build physical fitness, learn respect and discipline, and develop self-respect and confidence. We create an environment where kids can have fun, make friends, and grow both physically and mentally.

Physical Fitness

Kickstart your child's fitness journey at Campuzano MMA. Our training programs are designed to enhance physical health, build strength, and improve flexibility. Whether they are beginners or looking to advance their skills, we make fitness enjoyable and rewarding for kids!

Respect and Discipline

At Campuzano MMA, we instill core values like respect and discipline in our young participants. Our goal is to shape not only skilled martial artists but also responsible and respectful individuals.

Self-Respect & Confidence

Empower your child with self-respect and confidence through our specialized training. Campuzano MMA focuses on building inner strength and fostering a positive self-image in kids.
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Kids Programs are Different at Campuzano Martial Arts!
At Campuzano MMA we take a targeted approach. We believe that kids learn and compete best when training and competing with kids at their own level. As they grow with us, their skills grow start to grow too. Our kids and teen program is divided up into three categories. Click the
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