Campuzano Martial Arts MMA Frisco Back to School Schedule & Updates

I hope everyone has enjoyed summer… it sure flew by! We are so excited to start the school year and introduce our new martial arts in Frisco schedule  (attached). Effective August 12th, we will be organizing the children and kids mma classes (not teens) by level instead of age. On the attached schedule the BLUE classes will be BEGINNER martial arts / mma, and the GREEN classes will be the INTERMEDIATE martial arts / mma. This may not change times for a lot of you, but will be a really positive change on the mat! In the beginner class, we will have ages 4-10 and the curriculum will consist of basic concepts and fundamental techniques. In the Intermediate class, we will have ages 6-10 and the curriculum will focus on more contact, execution, and advanced concepts.

As a blanket statement, all SOLID YELLOW belts and above will be in INTERMEDIATE. All LOW YELLOW and Below will be BEGINNER. If you are unsure of where you should be, please reach out and we will let you know.

We are really excited for the coming year and appreciate everyone’s contribution to our gym by coming consistently and training your hardest!

A couple of side notes:

– If you have a school event that we can participate in, we would really appreciate the opportunity!

– If you need a donation for an event or fundraiser, please let us know!

– We host amazing Birthday Parties!!! Chat with me for more information and to secure your date!

– We have duffle bags ($25), and would like all intermediate and teen kids to keep their gear in bags. Bags will be brought on the mat to keep everyone’s gear together.

– We would like all Intermediate and Teen kids to have Mouthguards. You can schedule a free consult with Gandy Orthodontics 972-712-9300 , and they will make you a FREE CUSTOM MOUTHGUARD. Please do this ASAP!

– If laundry is overwhelming you and you would like a new uniform, they are $50 for the set ($35 for shorts, $15 for shirts). Stock Up!

– It’s still hot, but we do have HOODIES for sale ($50)!

– I have Campuzano Car stickers (FREE) at the gym for anyone who would like to sport one on their vehicle. Let me know!

– BUDDIES!!!! We have buddy passes to give everyone, and ALWAYS love when you bring friends. We appreciate referrals!!! It’s always more fun to train with friends (and have carpool buddies!)

– If your COMPANY would like to host a Team Building Event, we are happy to host and teach a fun kickboxing self defense class (corporate therapy haha). Let’s Chat!

We love and appreciate your feedback. We are working hard to make this coming year our BEST!! Thank you again for being part of our gym family, and Happy Back to School!!!

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